POTUS no fan of Curry 'clowning'

(CNN)President Barack Obama has never been shy about celebrating his wins. But breaking into a victory dance -- that's a step too far.

Welcoming 2015's NBA champions the Golden State Warriors to the White House, Obama singled out guard Stephen Curry, who scored 51 points against the Washington Wizards on Wednesday night, as a "pretty good shooter."
He was less approving of Curry's on-court moves.
"For those of you who watched the game against the Wizards last night, it was, to use slang, he was clowning. He was all jumping up and down," Obama said.
    "Just settle down."
    Obama also waded into the ongoing debate over whether the Warriors of 2014-2015 are the greatest NBA team of all time.
    Nope, he suggested.
    Instead, Obama implied Warriors coach Steve Kerr was on the best team, when he played for the 1995-1996 Chicago Bulls.
    The Warriors also presented Obama with a commemorative jersey the Bulls fan is unlikely to wear.