Joe Biden joins Facebook, will field questions on cancer initiative

Biden kicks off 'moonshot' mission to cure cancer
Biden kicks off moonshot mission to cure cancer pkg Erin _00000811


    Biden kicks off 'moonshot' mission to cure cancer


Biden kicks off 'moonshot' mission to cure cancer 02:34

(CNN)Vice President Joe Biden has made history: He is now the first vice president to have a Facebook page.

Biden published his first post on his official page around noon Thursday.
"I'd like it to be a place where we can talk directly about the issues that matter to both of us," Biden posted.
The page also shows a number of "memories" for Biden, including when he was sworn in as vice president and noting various pieces of legislation he helped pass while serving in Congress.
    The Facebook page went live on World Cancer Day, which Biden acknowledged in his welcome post. President Barack Obama tapped Biden to lead a new task force designated to end cancer, a cause near to Biden's heart after his son, Beau Biden, died of brain cancer in May 2015.
    "So today, on World Cancer Day, I'd like to talk about something that the President tasked me to do in this year's State of the Union -- leading a new, national mission to help end cancer as we know it," Biden wrote. "As folks around the world join together in the fight against this terrible disease, I want to hear from you."
    Biden said around 3 p.m. ET he will be taking questions via Facebook about his Cancer Moonshot Initiative.
    Obama joined Facebook in November.