Trump's Boeing diverted to Nashville due to engine trouble

(CNN)The pilot for Donald Trump's private jet was forced to divert to Nashville international airport Wednesday afternoon.

The Federal Aviation Administration says the presidential candidate's Boeing 757 had to make the emergency landing after reporting engine problems.
Trump was en route to Little Rock, Arkansas for a campaign event when his plane was diverted. The 757 landed safely at Nashville International airport. Trump eventually made it to the Arkansas campaign event, albeit nearly two hours late.
    Trump did cite mechanical issues when he got to the speech.
    "That was a rough one. Was not easy with all the traffic and all the problems and mechanical and everything else," Trump said. "So someone ... my guy says, 'Oh that's OK, we can go back to New York, Mr. Trump, we'll come another day.' I said, 'There's no way, I love Arkansas, there's no way, there's no way.' "
    The FAA says it will investigate.