Democratic Presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) speaks at a "Get Out the Vote" rally at the Colonial Theater on February 2, 2016 in Keene, New Hampshire.

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Meet Rabbi Manny Shevitz

Sanders tries out his acting skills

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Politician, writer, musician. And actor.

The Bernie Sanders back catalog might be the most eclectic in this or any other modern presidential race. Today, thanks to the web sleuths on a massive reddit page dedicated to the candidate, we get to see Sanders in the role of Rabbi Manny Shevitz (get it?) from the 1999 film, “My X-Girlfriend’s Wedding Reception.”

The Sanders campaign confirmed to CNN that it really is Sanders featured in the clip, but you’d be forgiven for thinking this is Larry David in another extended gag.

Speaking to those assembled for the wedding, Sanders’ rabbi character gets sidetracked as the befuddled guests look on. He complains about the Dodgers leaving Brooklyn – where the real Sanders was born – and then starts in on the ills of free agency in baseball, channeling David and Jerry Seinfeld when he asks, “Two million dollars here, they spend $12 million there. What’s so free about that free agency?”

Watch the clip here:

Sanders’ IMDB page contains one more note, for an uncredited performance in “Sweet Hearts Dance,” a 1988 movie starring Susan Sarandon. The actress recently campaigned for her old castmate ahead of the Iowa caucuses.

Of the other candidates in this 2016 race, only Ben Carson can claim such a high profile film credit.

The Republican played a surgeon in the 2003 Farrelly Brothers comedy, “Stuck On You.”