Today's 5 things: The Donald, trumped. The Cruz, cruised. The Hilz, Bern'd

Highlights from the Iowa night speeches
Highlights from the Iowa night speeches


    Highlights from the Iowa night speeches


Highlights from the Iowa night speeches 01:59

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Ready, set, GO-P: Raise your hands if you picked Marco Rubio to place a strong 3rd in Iowa. Put 'em down, you liars. The Donald came in 2nd, but only by a point. Ted Cruz got the winner's trophy. And the Republican race just got interesting.
    Democratic dead heat: Clinton claimed victory in Iowa. Yet it feels like a win for Bernie Sanders. The slimmest of margins separates the two. Déjà vu of 2008, anyone? Expect Rolaids on the Clinton campaign breakfast menu.
    Culling the herd: Democrat Martin O'Malley and Republican Mike Huckabee are suspending their campaigns. That's political code for quitting (unless a meteor takes out the frontrunners).
    Five hours of CNN's Iowa caucus coverage in 3 minutes
    iowa caucus cnn coverage recap origwx js_00013022


      Five hours of CNN's Iowa caucus coverage in 3 minutes


    Five hours of CNN's Iowa caucus coverage in 3 minutes 02:51


    Humble beginnings: It seems 2nd place tames the tongue of The Donald. Trump was, dare we say, gracious in his concession speech? And he only talked for about four minutes. He's a favorite in NH; so don't get used to it.
    Move over Left Shark: When Peter Clinkscales stood behind Hilz, plastered in stickers and looking like a cow chewing cud, he made America great again.
    These boots: His strong 3rd place finish has Marco Rubio clicking his heels. It's sweet revenge after folks in Iowa mocked his high-heeled booties.
    Freshening up: After placing a distant 4th, Ben Carson headed home because he needs a "fresh set of clothes." Too bad there aren't dry cleaners in NH.


    Well, that escalated quickly: A couple of years ago, none of us had even heard of the Zika virus. Now it's Public Enemy No. 1. Yesterday, the WHO made Zika a "health emergency of international concern." It's spreading explosively with as many as 4 million infections possible in the next year in the Americas alone. For most of us, it's not a big deal. But for pregnant women, it's a REALLY BIG DEAL. Zika appears to be connected with a spike in babies born with abnormally small heads. Did we mention there's no vaccine?
    WHO declares health emergency over Zika virus
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      WHO declares health emergency over Zika virus


    WHO declares health emergency over Zika virus 01:52


    I'm not talking to you: The Syria peace talks are more like a game of Chinese whispers than real diplomacy. The two sides aren't even meeting face to face. They're passing messages through a U.N. special envoy. The ultimate goal is a cease-fire, but short term it's just to keep them talking. The brutal civil war is nearly five-years-old. Just getting the two sides to agree to negotiate is a major accomplishment. #SmallVictories
    Syrian negotiations stutter in Geneva
    syria peace talks begin robertson lok_00001720


      Syrian negotiations stutter in Geneva


    Syrian negotiations stutter in Geneva 00:55


    Live and let live: The three inmates who broke out of a Southern California jail are back behind bars. But they weren't exactly model citizens while on the lam. You know the saying 'idle hands are the devil's workshop?' Apparently, so are busy ones. The trio stole a van, tried to change their looks, kidnapped a cabbie and then fought over whether to kill him. He's still alive, so they made one good decision at least. Here's the timeline, from the mundane to the menacing.
    Escaped California inmates in police custody
    california escaped inmate surrenders to police nr _00004818


      Escaped California inmates in police custody


    Escaped California inmates in police custody 01:17


    People are talking about these. Read up. Join in.
    Quote of the day:
    "I think I might come back here and buy a farm."
    Donald Trump, in his concession speech in Iowa. Next, he'll say Old McDonald Had a Farm is about him.
    Pricey pigskin
    NFL's new $450 million deal with NBC and CBS for "Thursday Night Football" works out to about $45 million a game. Who said it was free TV?
    Getting out of AjAm
    If you're a journalist staring down unemployment, what do you do? If you're at soon-to-shut-down Al Jazeera America, you start a website.
    From the Street to the Valley
    Big Bird and Elmo want a piece of that tech action: "Sesame Street" is starting a venture capital arm.
    Cop's best friend
    A retiring Ohio police officer will get to keep his K-9 partner after all. Thanks social media!
    Number of the day
    The number of Americans in Saudi jails, after 4 were detained last week. The Saudis haven't said exactly what they're charged with. So much for cooperation between allies, huh?


    Here's what's happening today.
    Power play
    Is there enough evidence to move forward in the Bill Cosby sex assault criminal case? A hearing will look at that later this morning.


    Watch him whip, watch him nae nae
    A Colorado sheriff's deputy busts some serious moves inside an elevator to celebrate his retirement.