Sarah Palin gears up for South Carolina campaigning for Trump

Story highlights

  • Sarah Palin endorsed Donald Trump's presidential campaign last month
  • She's planning to campaign for him in South Carolina ahead of its February 20 primary
  • Trump finished second in Tuesday night's Iowa caucus results

Des Moines, Iowa (CNN)Sarah Palin is "definitely" planning to campaign for Donald Trump in South Carolina, even if she won't be in New Hampshire, the former Alaska governor told CNN on Tuesday.

"I was very pleased that he did as well as he did. Because before the election cycle, he, politically speaking, hadn't had nearly as much of a presence as some of the other guys," Palin said, as she checked into her Alaska-bound flight at the airport here.
    Asked if she would campaign for Trump in New Hampshire, she would do "definitely South Carolina."
    Palin, who chose to endorse Trump over Ted Cruz, declined to say whether the Texas senator now had momentum following his Iowa win.
    "This is the very, very first step in such a long, arduous process," Palin said. "I'm staying focused on what Mr. Trump is doing next to get his message out. And I think he's going to do, personally, well in New Hampshire and South Carolina."