Donald Trump rips media, questions cost of self-funding his campaign

Donald Trump thanks Iowa, congratulates opponents
Donald Trump thanks Iowa, congratulates opponents


    Donald Trump thanks Iowa, congratulates opponents


Donald Trump thanks Iowa, congratulates opponents 02:51

Story highlights

  • Trump rips media for not "fairly" covering his "long-shot" campaign
  • The billionaire suggests that self-funding is "not worth it" in Twitter rant

(CNN)Donald Trump reemerged on Twitter Tuesday morning after 12 hours of unusual silence to slam press coverage of his campaign, which placed second in Monday's Iowa caucuses.

"The media has not covered my long-shot great finish in Iowa fairly. Brought in record voters and got second highest vote total in history!" he tweeted a little before noon.
Trump then promised to delve further into his mistreatment during a rally tonight in New Hampshire, where he will "be talking about my wonderful experience in Iowa and the simultaneous unfair treatment by the media" before a "big crowd."
    The long-time GOP front-runner in the polls, who has an audience of nearly 6 million followers on Twitter, also tried to put a positive spin on his runner-up performance in the Hawkeye State.
    "Because I was told I could not do well in Iowa, I spent very little there -- a fraction of Cruz & Rubio," he tweeted, describing his finish as "a strong second" and "great honor."
    But Trump also put voters on notice, suggesting at the tail end of his tweetstorm that they had not given him "any credit by the voters for self-funding my campaign."
    "I will keep doing," the billionaire declared, "but not worth it!"