Amtrak train struck by objects, agency says

Story highlights

  • Objects hit the Amtrak train between New York and Washington, the agency says
  • No one was hurt, Amtrak says

(CNN)Amtrak said Monday it's looking into what struck an Amtrak train traveling between Washington and New York over the weekend.

The agency says it received a report Sunday night that something struck its Acela Express Train 2222. None of the 201 passengers aboard were injured, Amtrak said.
Amtrak did not say what the objects were, but a woman who says she was on the train at the time posted pictures to Twitter showing what she called a "bullet hole" and police aboard investigating what happened.
    "Everyone is laughing like omg and the Amtrak guy was like oh this has happened before outside Philly," she said in another tweet.
    The report comes ahead of Monday's anticipated release of the National Transportation Safety Board's investigation of the May 2015 derailment of Amtrak Train 188 in Philadelphia, which killed eight people.
    The engineer in that incident reportedly radioed that something had struck his train before the derailment, but it is unclear whether that had anything to do with the crash.