Hillary Clinton on emails issue: 'There is nothing new'

(CNN)Hillary Clinton insisted Monday there is "nothing new" on the email controversy hanging over her campaign, saying yet again that she wants all of her emails released by the State Department.

"There is nothing new and I think the facts are quite helpful here," Clinton told CNN's Alisyn Camerota on "New Day," insisting that the recently announced "top secret" classification of 22 of her emails by the Intelligence Community was little more than a "dispute about retroactive classification."
Instead, Clinton said Republicans are simply carrying out a campaign full of "a lot of innuendo and a lot of attacks" and said she had "answered every question."
And speaking hours before Iowa voters head to the caucuses to cast the first votes of the primary cycle, Clinton said she is "thrilled" with her campaign operation and said she had learned a lot of lessons since her defeat to then-Sen. Barack Obama in the 2008 Iowa caucus.
    She projected confidence that the outcome this time around would not be the same and offered a subtle contrast between herself and Vermont independent Sen. Bernie Sanders, who is running to Clinton's left.
    "I am a progressive who wants to make progress and actually produce real results in people's lives. That's what I'm offering. I'm not overpromising," Clinton said. "I'm laying out the plans that I have, I'm asking people to look at them and I'm asking people to hold me accountable."
    Still, she sought to tap into the voter frustration that Sanders has channeled this election.
    "People want a way out of their frustration," Clinton said. "Once you get through the anger and the political attacks and all the rest of it, people have to ask themselves who can do the most for me and my family. Who can protect our country."