‘Grease: Live’: It’s a hit


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Fox's live three-hour version of "Grease" aired Sunday night

Viewers raved about the dancing, Vanessa Hudgens' brave performance

CNN —  

The word on “Grease: Live”: It’s electrifying.

Fox’s live TV musical overcame technical glitches, a rare Los Angeles rainstorm and the death of a key cast member’s father to score rave reviews on social media and elsewhere.

“This production wasn’t about hitting notes or taking breath, but rather about making things breathtaking. And time after time, ‘Grease: Live’ succeeded,” wrote Daniel Fienberg in The Hollywood Reporter.

“In this moment overrun with must-see TV events, ‘Grease’ wasn’t just live. It was alive,” gushed Entertainment Weekly’s Darren Franich.

Some other critics were less kind, citing the sometimes-clunky acting between the big musical numbers. But in the court of popular opinion – Facebook and Twitter – the show was a worthy successor to the 1978 John Travolta-Olivia Newton-John movie.