Images of midair disputes between airline passengers and cabin crew abound on Chinese social media.
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Five Chinese airlines announced on Monday that they’ll start putting restrictions on “uncivilized passengers,” according to China’s National Tourism Administration.

The five airlines – Air China, China Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines, Hainan Airlines, Spring Airlines – said in a joint statement that unruly passenger behaviors disrupting airline operations that resulted in administrative and criminal penalties will be recorded into a new list.

Those passengers whose behaviors are recorded in the list will face certain restrictions on their services, the airlines said.

The airlines said they’ll also set up a new mechanism to share those recorded unruly passenger behaviors with airline and tourism authorities.

The move is an apparent attempt to improve tarnished images of Chinese air passengers due to occasional rowdy behaviors, as reported by CNN in the past.

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“Tourists’ virtue not only reflect their personal decency, moreover it reflects the nation’s image and its societal progress,” the National Tourism Administration said.

“Certain tourists’ frequent uncivilized behaviors at domestic and foreign airports as well on aircraft not only harmed the images of themselves and the nation – even more, they jeopardized aviation safety.”

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