And the lunch special is ... shark devours fellow shark

Shark eats another shark at aquarium
shark eats shark South Korea Coex Aquarium sot nr_00002020


    Shark eats another shark at aquarium


Shark eats another shark at aquarium 00:47

(CNN)Forget the TV version of "Shark Tank." This is what life is like in a REAL shark tank:

A female sand tiger shark wasn't messing around when she made a fish meal of her tankmate.
It was a startling sight for visitors at Coex Aquarium in Seoul, South Korea, as the 8-year-old shark slowly consumed a 5-year-old male shark.
Sharks can be very territorial, Oh Tae-youp, spokesman for Coex Aquarium, said. "Sometimes when they bump up against each other they bite out of astonishment."
    The female shark swam around the tank for the next 21 hours, slowly chowing down the male banded houndshark while his lifeless tail wagged from her mouth.
    The shark's other neighbors in the tank were all accounted for after the incident.