Take a look at these coveted Super Bowl tickets

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  • Super Bowl 50 ticket resale prices soar above $5,000
  • Photos show various designs for Super Bowl tickets over the past 50 years

(CNN)Would seeing the Super Bowl in person be worth more than $5,000?

Apparently somebody thinks so. The morning after 2016's NFL conference championships, the average resale price of a Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos Super Bowl ticket had soared above $5,000, according to one ticket price tracker.
For that much money, these tickets had better look nice.
    Think about it.
    These are the tickets that -- for many fans of the game -- represent a day they will cherish forever: "That time we went to the Super Bowl."
    These are the tickets that will be framed and hung on the wall in man-cave basements from coast to coast.
    They'll be pointed at ... and talked about ... and passed down from father and mother, to daughter and son.