Super bling! 50 years of NFL championship rings

Story highlights

  • Over its 50-year history, the Super Bowl ring has gained value and history
  • Many have been bought, sold, collected, acquired and even lost
  • Photos show the many customized versions of these iconic pieces of sports jewelry

(CNN)The custom rings awarded to Super Bowl champions have become an iconic part of the lore surrounding the game.

Each ring is a portable trophy representing an experience that can never again be replicated.
Over the years, the rings have gone through just about every transaction imaginable.
    They're pricey, as you might expect: $36,500 each, with nearly 5 carats of diamonds in each ring, according to ESPN.
    The ring designs include the team name and logo, the year, the player's number and team position.
    A few standouts include the ring for the 2007 Super Bowl, won by the Indianapolis Colts. They designed their rings with a tiny Lombardi Trophy inside their horseshoe logo. The Washington Redskins rings in 1991 included three diamonds for each of their Super Bowl wins. In similar fashion, six large diamonds encrusted the Pittsburgh Steelers' rings in 2009 -- shouting out their six Super Bowl victories.