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Sarandon: I got emotional being with Sanders supporters

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The actress is in Iowa, getting out the vote for Bernie Sanders

Sarandon endorsed the Vermont senator in June

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Susan Sarandon is in Iowa to stump for Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders just days ahead of the Hawkeye State caucuses.

In an interview with CNN’s Carol Costello on Thursday, the Academy award-winning actress hailed Sanders’ commitment to tackling income inequality and taking on Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump.

Sarandon said Trump is “like the stand up guy at a wedding that gets drunk and just goes on and on and on.”

Sarandon has been documenting her experience volunteering for Sanders on Twitter and describes his supporters as “fired up, emotional, committed.”

“I got emotional just being with them. It’s really fun and they’re very well informed … They’re a thinking people, they don’t listen to the sound bites,” Sarandon said.

When asked why she is not supporting fellow “feminist icon” Hillary Clinton, Sarandon cited Clinton’s vote for the Iraq War and added that it’s “patronizing to women to think that we all follow our genitalia to pick candidates.”

“(Clinton) failed me and I feel that that wasn’t just a mistake — it was a disaster,” said Sarandon, who endorsed Sanders in June in a Facebook post.

Citing Sanders’ “brave” October 9, 2002, speech on the Senate floor, in which he staunchly opposed the Iraq war, Sarandon said, “I need somebody with judgment and not just experience.”