Officer helps sloth cross the road

ecuador sloth highway rescue sot_00003219
ecuador sloth highway rescue sot_00003219


    Lost sloth causes traffic jam in Ecuador


Lost sloth causes traffic jam in Ecuador 00:46

Story highlights

  • Photos of sloth trying to cross the road go viral
  • The Transit Commission of Ecuador checks the sloth out and returns it to its habitat

(CNN)One little sloth in Ecuador quickly became a phenomenon around the world.

Thanks to social media, photos of a sloth clinging to a pole in the province of Los Rios, Ecuador, captured hearts with well over 800,000 likes and hundreds of shares of just one Facebook post (by CNN affiliate KTLA) about the sloth alone.
Sloth rescue by Ecuadorian transit authorities
It was on Facebook that the Transit Commission of Ecuador first drew attention to the sloth, on Friday.
    In the photos, the sloth -- the world's slowest creature -- appears to be trying to cross the road. An officer with the Transit Commission rescued it.

    En Los Ríos colaboramos con un hermoso perezoso, que pretendía cruzar el anillo vial de Quevedo

    Posted by Comisión de Tránsito del Ecuador on Friday, January 22, 2016
    Never fear, though: In an update, the commission commented that the sloth got checked out by a veterinarian after being rescued. They "determined that it was in optimal conditions to return to its habitat" (rough translation to English).
    This also adds to the recent pop cultural boost for sloths, who were featured in a popular trailer for the upcoming Disney film "Zootopia."