‘The X-Files’: What’s the verdict?

Updated 3:50 PM EST, Mon January 25, 2016

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The show started its two-night premiere Sunday

Vanity Fair writer says it gets better

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The eagerly awaited reboot of “The X-Files” premiered on Sunday night. Was it worth the wait?

It seems that while some critics weren’t loving it, many fans thought it was out of this world.

CNNMoney: ‘X-Files’ reopens to big ratings

The Hollywood Reporter’s Tim Goodman cautioned before the airing that the first episode was “a very underwhelming hour that will force even diehard fans (and yes, I was one of them) to consider whether pushing onward is really worth the time.”

’The X-Files’ TV review

Joanna Robinson of Vanity Fair wrote that “if X-Files fans are patient enough to wait until Episode 3, that’s where they’ll find the real treat.”

But over on Twitter, it was all love as several fans gloried in the show’s return. Film director William Friedkin tweeted that it was “Deeper, darker, edgier, More compelling.”

Since last year, some fans have gotten a sneak peek of the first episode at various events and conventions and “X-Files” creator Chris Carter told The Hollywood Reporter that while there had been a great deal of love, he was aware that “not everyone was going to like it.”

“It was always going to land with some people and not with others,” Carter said. “I’m very proud of the episode. I think it’s got huge scope, huge paranoia and drives the mythology in a whole other direction.”

Variety reported that preliminary ratings were strong for Sunday night’s episode. However, some fans were unhappy that the NFC championship game that preceded the show’s airing ran long and delayed the show almost a half hour, causing those viewers who DVRed the first episode to only be able to watch a portion of the first episode.

Fox has posted the first episode in its entirety on its site.

The two night premiere of “The X-Files” continues Monday night on Fox.