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NEW: "I really thought that was it," passenger says

American Airlines Flight 206 from Miami to Milan is diverted to Canada

Three flight attendants and four passengers are transported to a hospital

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Severe turbulence aboard an American Airlines flight carrying 203 people to Italy left seven people hospitalized, the airline said.

American Airlines said Flight 206 from Miami to Milan landed safely Sunday night in Newfoundland, Canada, where it was diverted.

“It was met by paramedics who evaluated passengers and crew,” the airline said.

Three flight attendants and four passengers were taken to a hospital after the incident, the airline said.

‘It rolled on its side’

Passengers described chaotic scenes when turbulence hit.

“It rolled on its side. Everything went flying. It was pretty intense,” passenger Karen Case told CNN partner CBC in Canada.

Case said the plane dipped two times. “I really thought that was it,” he said.

Terrified passengers screamed while others grasped for oxygen masks, Gustavo Canda told CBC. Others passed out.

Unplanned stop

Another passenger said she at least checked one destination off her travel list.

“Always wanted to come here, maybe not under these circumstances,” Jill Nelson-Debord told CBC about their unplanned stop in Newfoundland.

The Boeing 767 took off from Miami on Sunday afternoon. It landed at St. John’s International Airport.

Airport spokeswoman Sara Norris declined to provide details on the nature of the injuries.