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Neighbors duel with 2016 house decorations

Bloomfield, Vermont (CNN)New Hampshire usually hogs all the attention during presidential primary season, but on the Vermont side of the border, the ongoing political saga between Republicans and Democrats is just as colorful.

In tiny Bloomfield, a town that sits quietly along a river dividing deep-blue Vermont and purple New Hampshire, a primary tradition is in full swing between two neighbors who like each other plenty, but couldn't be further apart politically.
From the main road that runs through town, you can't miss it: On the porch of one house stands a life-sized cut-out of Republican Donald Trump next to a sign written that reads, "DONALD TRUMP: MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN."
Cut-outs of Donald Trump and Sarah Palin in front of Paul Savage's home.
Meanwhile, the entrance to the house next door is guarded by a life-size cutout of Democrat Bernie Sanders behind a sign that reads, "TRUMP...YA FIRED. Let's take back sanity. VOTE BERNIE."
    Cut-out of Bernie Sanders in front of Patsy Riley's home
    It's a friendly rivalry between two aging retirees: Republican Paul Savage and Democrat Patsy Riley, who can both see the first-in-the-nation primary state from their windows but live in a state that won't hold a vote until March.
    The sign rivalry started in 2008 when Savage bought a cut-out of then-vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin. He has stored Palin in the garage for the past eight years, but she recently made a re-appearance on his porch next to Trump.
    The neighbors like to give each other a hard time, but it's all in good fun, Savage says. (Patsy said she was feeling unwell, so wasn't able to speak to CNN.)
    "I got a Democrat over here. Got a Democrat up there," Savage said, pointing toward his neighbor's houses on both sides. "I'm one of the only good Republicans in the state of Vermont."
    As a lifelong Vermonter, he knows he's in the minority—the state has elected Sanders to Congress, a self-described democratic socialist, since 1991—which is part of why he loves flying his Republican colors.
    "It's all I've got to do. I'm 87 years old. What the hell," he said with a chuckle. "We laugh about it. Part a life."