Bush mocks Trump's expensive wardrobe

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  • Bush takes a dig at Trump's fashion choices
  • The Florida Republican goes shopping on the campaign trail

Stratham, New Hampshire (CNN)And the campaign boots story continues.

Jeb Bush, after speaking at an employee town hall at Timberland headquarters in Stratham, New Hampshire, stopped at the company store to purchase a navy sweater and a pair of boots.
Once outside, the candidate gladly showed reporters his new size-12 boots -- which he called "a hearty boot" -- and quipped that he may "bring them out for debate purposes."
    His purchase comes after Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida got widespread coverage for wearing expensive boots that were mocked by critics for having heels but praised by fashion magazines like Esquire and GQ.
    The super PAC supporting Bush released a video making fun of Rubio's boots, and Bush, himself, has made a couple of thinly veiled jokes about his rival's footwear.
    Bush pulled his punches on Thursday, though. Asked if his new boots had high heels, Bush paused and flashed a big grin. "I don't know what you're talking about."
    However, Bush didn't hold back when it came to making fun of Donald Trump's expensive wardrobe.
    "I'd say these boots will match up really well against the Italian, fine Italian shoes that Donald Trump wears with his Brioni suits and his $500 ties," said Bush, who's worth up to $22 million himself.
    As the weeks wind down to the New Hampshire primary, Timberland is hosting a series of candidates from both sides of the aisle. Earlier this week, former Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley, a Democrat, spoke at the headquarters and Republican Gov. John Kasich of Ohio spoke there two weeks ago. The company stressed that it's not endorsing any candidate.