National Handwriting Day

Updated 12:01 PM ET, Mon January 25, 2016
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On January 23, the birthday of John Hancock (the guy with the most famous signature ever), America celebrates National Handwriting Day. The notebook company Moleskine encourages social media users to post a handwritten note using the hashtags #handwritingday and #moleskine. Here, writer Connie Schultz shares homespun wisdom from her mother, Janey. Click through for more examples from writers, actors and other well-known Americans. Connie Schultz
Chef and author Gabrielle Hamilton points out the practical purpose of love letters. Gabrielle Hamilton
Adam Leibsohn, COO of Giphy, a search engine for gifs, shares timely advice and a doodle with his note. Adam Liebsohn
Mauro Toselli, CTO of Sketchnote Army, gets artsy with ink. Mauro Toselli
Cartoonist and writer Alison Bechdel quotes from Louise Fitzhugh's "Harriet the Spy" in her #handwritingday offering. Alison Bechdel
Actress Debra Messing copies an inspiring quote on the written word from "Life" magazine. Debra Messing
Actor Bruce Willis scores one for the southpaws with his note. Bruce Willis
Cartoonist and writer Liza Donnelly showcases her enthusiasm for the pen and the page with her handiwork. Liza Donnelly
Model and actress Emma Heming Willis, wife of Bruce Willis, shares a sample of her daughter Mabel's penmanship. Emma Heming Willis
Matthew Freedman -- an author, cartoonist, and professor at the University of Pennsylvania -- needs to sketch out ideas to really absorb them. Matthew Freedman