Pro-Bush super PAC mailer hits Christie with unflattering photo

(CNN)The super PAC supporting Jeb Bush is sending out mailers that draw attention to Chris Christie's "bridgegate" scandal and feature an unflattering image of the New Jersey governor before he lost weight.

Right to Rise USA knocked Christie, Ohio Gov. John Kasich and Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida over Obamacare, saying that Christie supportive a "massive" expansion of Obamacare in New Jersey.
Pictured behind the desk is a photo of Christie's backside as he famously welcomed President Barack Obama to New Jersey after Superstorm Sandy, a moment that drew ire from conservatives who blamed Christie for legitimizing the president right before the 2012 election against Mitt Romney.
The photo shows Christie before he lost a significant amount of weight.
    The ad also hits Kasich for a "massive" expansion of Obamacare in Ohio.
    A separate mailer goes after New Jersey's budget woes and prominently shows a cone at the top with the headline "A broken budget, too much scandal."
    The mailers come as a CNN/WMUR survey shows an increasingly tightened race between the three governors, Rubio and Cruz for second place in New Hampshire.
    A spokesman for Right to Rise did not respond to a request for comment.