Poll: 1/3 GOP question Cruz's eligibility to be president

Story highlights

  • Trump leads the Texas senator by 19 points
  • The real estate mogul leads the Republican primary with the support of 36% of Republicans

Washington (CNN)Donald Trump continues to dominate the field in the latest national poll -- and his attacks on Sen. Ted Cruz's eligibility to be president seem to have some legs.

A Monmouth University poll released Wednesday finds the real-estate mogul leading the Republican primary with 36% support among Republican voters, a 19-point edge over the Texas senator, who is second at 17%. Florida Sen. Marco Rubio has 11%, and all other candidates are in single digits.
The poll also asked voters if they believe Cruz, who was born in Canada to an American mother, is a natural-born citizen and thus eligible for the presidency. While two-thirds said he was, 12% said he was not and 24% weren't sure.
    Monmouth asked the same of Trump for comparison, and found that 91% of Republicans said he's a natural-born citizen, 2% said he's not and 7% weren't sure.
    President Barack Obama has also faced steady skepticism about his U.S. citizenship despite the fact that he was born in Hawaii. In a 2014 Fairleigh Dickinson University poll, 19% of Americans said Obama was definitely or probably not a legal U.S. citizen.
    For its poll, Monmouth surveyed 1,003 adults by telephone from January 15 to 18, including 385 Republican voters. The Republican sample has a margin of error of plus or minus 5 percentage points.
    Polls have continually shown Trump leading the field since this summer, though Cruz has drawn neck-and-neck with the billionaire businessman in Iowa.