The Democratic debate in GIFs

Washington (CNN)It was the last Democratic debate before voting begins in Iowa and New Hampshire. The remaining three candidates came out swinging with their best attacks on each other's records — and dramatic arm gestures.

From the issues the candidates called each other out for (gun control, Wall Street) to the ones they told the moderators they didn't want to get into (Bill Clinton), Sunday's night debate hosted by NBC News and YouTube in Charleston, South Carolina, yielded many GIF-able moments for voters watching.
When Bernie Sanders started to talk about his current situation in the polls...
Hillary Clinton carefully threaded her argument about improving the federal justice system as she pointed out inequalities facing African-American men.
    When Sanders seemed to be conducting an orchestra pit at the debate that viewers could not see.
    Clinton described her relationship with Vladimir Putin in a diplomatic way.
    She also looked intently at Martin O'Malley as he attacked her on her relations with Wall Street.
    Clinton nodded as Sanders responded to the question about Bill Clinton by saying he would not attack Clinton on her husband's past.
    When O'Malley asked for 10 more seconds before NBC anchor Lester Holt said they had to go to break.
    And later when O'Malley asked for 30 more seconds.