How Killer Mike came to support Sanders? 'Smoking a joint and reading his tweets'

(CNN)Asked how he became a Bernie Sanders supporter, rapper Killer Mike had a simple explanation: "Smokin' a joint and reading his tweets."

Michael Render, who goes by the moniker Killer Mike, has become one of Sanders' most buzzed about surrogates, helping the campaign's outreach to young and minority voters. Since endorsing the Vermont senator in June, the Atlanta hip-hop star has headlined rallies and been one of his most outspoken supporters on social media, even interviewing Sanders.
On Sunday night, Killer Mike used a blunt tone while being a surrogate for Sanders in the post-debate spin room following the fourth Democratic presidential debate hosted by NBC. He explained his path to political activism on a video captured by a reporter for the South Carolina paper the Post and Courier.
In addition to talking about his support, Killer Mike asked black voters to consider backing Sanders over the better-known Hillary Clinton.
    "We have a choice on the Democratic slate -- you don't have to pick a name because you know it," he argued.
    "Look at that picture of Dr. King that's been on your grandma's wall for your whole life, and say to yourself, 'whose policies best identify with that?' And vote for that person," he said. "In my case, that's Sen. Sanders."