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Sen. Rubio and Gov. Christie's heated exchange
01:17 - Source: FOX Business
CNN  — 

While trying to gain ground in New Hampshire, Chris Christie continued to take shots at Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, calling him “a first term senator who’s still learning where the men’s room is in the Senate.”

The New Jersey governor appeared on Fox News on Monday and discussed the ongoing feud between the Republican primary rivals, whose presidential bids depend on a strong showing in the Granite state primary.

Christie continued to tout his executive experience and disparaged Rubio’s Senate qualifications, saying, “I agree with what Senator Rubio said himself. He said just two weeks ago, ‘senators and congressmen can’t solve America’s problems.’ I couldn’t agree with him more.”

He also ripped Rubio over his role in the Senate’s failed immigration reform bill, arguing, “Senator Rubio, the only thing he’s done in the Senate so far is write the amnesty bill with Chuck Schumer, and then as soon as it got too hot, he ran away and hid. That’s not leadership, and that’s not what we need from a president.”

In response to Christie’s remarks, Rubio aide Joe Pounder said, “Chris Christie can certainly talk but nothing he does can cover-up his liberal record in New Jersey of supporting Common Core, gun control, and Obama’s pick of liberal Sonia Sotomayor for the Supreme Court.”

“For someone who likes to tell it like it is, there’s no covering up that Governor Christie has fiercely supported a liberal agenda in New Jersey.”