Trump warns Clintons against playing 'the dirty card'

Trump: Cruz 'insulted 20 million people'
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    Trump: Cruz 'insulted 20 million people'


Trump: Cruz 'insulted 20 million people' 01:00

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  • "He really lied. He said he has done well in the polls. He hasn't done well in the polls," Trump about Cruz
  • Minutes into Trump's live TV appearance, a group of protestors disrupted the interview.

Washington (CNN)Donald Trump warned the Clintons against playing "the dirty card" Friday, saying Bill and Hillary Clinton have "got a lot of problems."

"I don't want to hurt anybody. I'm just saying he's got some difficulties. He's got some problems. If they want to play the dirty card. I don't think they will, but if they want to, they've got a lot of problems," Trump said on MSNBC's "Morning Joe."
"If you look at the Clintons there was a lot of bad karma going on with the impeachment. There were always problems. There was always difficulty. We want to get out of that," he added.
    The Republican front-runner also said Ted Cruz did not have a good night at Thursday night's Republican debate hosted by Fox Business Network.
    "He came at me last night, was very inappropriate. I don't know that he's a nice guy. I think he hurt himself last night. He's very strident," Trump said.
    "I thought Ted did not have a good night, last night."
    While Cruz has noted that he's been rising in the polls, Trump countered on Friday that the Texas Senator isn't doing well nationally, in South Carolina or in New Hampshire.
    "He really lied. He said he has done well in the polls. He hasn't done well in the polls," the billionaire businessman said.
    Minutes into Trump's appearance on the show, which was taking place at an Iowa restaurant with a live audience, a handful of protestors briefly disrupted the interview.
    "Donald Trump! Stop the hate," they chanted before being removed from the coffee shop.
    The MSNBC interview came at the same time as the Trump campaign announced the release of its second ad, which will air in Iowa and New Hampshire, dropping about $2 million to pay for it about evenly distributed between the two early primary states.
    Unlike Trump's first ad which critics panned for using footage of the Moroccan border when discussing the U.S. Border with Mexico, the new 30-second video shows just Trump speaking and comes from a recent rally Trump held in Lowell, Massachusetts.
    "We are going to take our country and we're going to fix it," Trump says in the ad, as well as committing to fixing the country's borders and strengthening the military.