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"Hillary Clinton has spent her entire life on a quest for power," Fiorina said

Fiorina said Clinton is like Mexican drug lord El Chapo

(CNN) —  

Carly Fiorina said Friday that Hillary Clinton is “more qualified for the Big House” than the White House and compared her to the recently captured Mexican drug lord El Chapo.

“Hillary Clinton has spent her entire life on a quest for power. She has avoided prosecution more times than El Chapo. Honestly. We’ve run out of ‘gates,’” Fiorina told CNN’s Alisyn Camerota on “New Day.”

Fiorina added, “Once again, she wants to be in the White House. The truth is she is more qualified for ‘the Big House.’” That is why I am continuing to talk about the reality of the political establishment - of which Mrs. Clinton is example, exhibit A – the political establishment does not serve the interest of the American people.”

Fiorina continued to hammer Clinton the day after the Republican debate in North Charleston, South Carolina, at which she took a dig at the Clintons’ marriage, saying that unlike the former secretary of state, “I actually love spending time with my husband.”

On CNN Friday, Fiorina said, “Bill and Hillary Clinton are the ultimate insiders. The Clinton Global Initiative is like a Ponzi scheme with Bill and Hillary Clinton on top selling access and influence to our government.”

“It’s interesting that you as a woman though would say that she craves power. It’s almost as if you’re suggesting that she should be at home with her husband,” Camerota said.

“Not at all,” Fiorina responded. “The men are craving power as well … Donald Trump is an insider. Ted Cruz is an insider. And they are arguing over their own power and position. The political establishment exists in both parities.”