Rubio rips Cruz: Only consistent on 'political calculation'

Rubio to Cruz: We all saw you flip your vote
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    Rubio to Cruz: We all saw you flip your vote


Rubio to Cruz: We all saw you flip your vote 02:00

(CNN)Marco Rubio continued to tear into Ted Cruz the morning after the latest Republican debate, saying "the only thing consistent [about Cruz] is the consistent political calculation."

In an interview on Fox News' "Fox & Friends" on Friday morning, Rubio was asked about his fiery back and forth with Cruz over what he sees as the Texas senator's inconsistent policy positions.
"Here's the point, and I like Ted, we're friends. But he campaigns as a consistent conservative, and basically says he's the only consistent conservative on the stage," Rubio said.
"That is not his record," he charged, before ticking off a list of issues on which he alleged Cruz flipped his position, including birth right citizenship, immigration, and trade promotion authority for President Obama's Asia trade deal.
    "So my point is, the only thing consistent is the consistent political calculation that I'm going to change my position if it helps me politically in a given moment," Rubio added. "And so don't run as a consistent conservative if, in fact, you have consistently calculated your positions. And that's what he's done."
    During Thursday night's debate hosted by the Fox Business Network, Rubio accused Cruz of flip flopping on a number of issues, sparking a contentious back and forth between the senators.
    In the exchange, Cruz hit Rubio for "dumping your 'oppo' research folder on the debate stage" after Rubio's barrage, but Rubio shot back, "That's your record."