The most GIF-able moments of the first GOP debate of the year

Washington (CNN)And then there were 10 candidates on the debate stage. The first GOP presidential debate of the year hosted by Fox Business Network kicked off the election year with many moments best captured in GIFs.

Here are the buzziest reactions from Thursday night's debate in North Charleston, South Carolina.
The three remaining candidates in the undercard debate came out swinging with fierce facial expressions to match their attacks.
First, Carly Fiorina acknowledged the Iowa caucus winners she was sharing the stage with.
    When Fox Business anchor Trish Regan pointed out that recent polls show the majority of Americans are in favor of universal background checks, the candidates and the booing members of the audience seemed to disagree. "Not in this room," said Rick Santorum.
    Mike Huckabee's reaction when Fox Business Network anchor Sandra Smith repeated his previous statement that he called "President Obama's executive orders on gun control unconstitutional and completely insane."
    When Santorum knew he was out of time but declared he would be taking some of Sen. Rand Paul's time, who was not in attendance.
    And then there were spirited rounds of arguments among the top polling candidates.
    Sen. Ted Cruz's, R-Texas, face after Donald Trump said Cruz probably had a four of five percent chance.
    Trump's grimace when Cruz said he'd consider naming him Vice President if "it all works out."
    Ben Carson let out a laugh after he said he wanted to respond to a question that addressed him ... because it referred to "everybody."
    When Trump declared that Gov. Nikki Haley, R-South Carolina, was a friend.
    Chris Christie gestured to Marco Rubio and the "same someone" who has been whispering in his ear to attack him (the same someone he assumed told Bush in the CNBC debate to attack Rubio).
    Jeb Bush's response to Trump insisting that he was "tired of seeing what's going on" with security after Bush said he hoped Trump would change his views.