Forget 'Pizza Rat'; meet 'Pita Rat'

'Pita Rat' tries to top 'Pizza Rat'
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    'Pita Rat' tries to top 'Pizza Rat'


'Pita Rat' tries to top 'Pizza Rat' 00:50

(CNN)It's a rat-eat-rat world out there.

Or maybe it's a rat-eat-anything world out there.
If 2015 was the year of the "Pizza Rat" -- the slice-dragging rodent captured in a viral video -- then 2016 may be the year of "Pita Rat."
As pictured in a video from Laura Duch, girlfriend of CNN producer Elise Zeiger, two rats in New York's Herald Square subway station are battling over a piece of pita bread. The victor eventually drags the bread up the stairs.
    "It's like the rats are struggling to outdo one another now!" said Duch in an e-mail. "The new bar has been set for NYC rat stamina."
    Next thing you know, they'll be doing delivery.