2016 Election

Fact checking Barack Obama, Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio on guns

(CNN)The truth behind statements from President Barack Obama on his gun proposal and from the campaign trail as the executive actions got dissected. As part of a partnership with FactCheck.org, Jake Tapper looks at the claims and how well they holds up under scrutiny.

Politicians have offered confusing and conflicting information on guns in the wake of the San Bernardino shootings and President Obama's announced plans for tighter gun controls:
    * Jeb Bush said Obama's plan would take away the rights of someone "selling a gun out of their collection, a one-off gun" by requiring that person to perform background checks. That's not correct. Such "one-off" private gun sales would be unaffected by Obama's proposals.
    * In an ad, Marco Rubio says Obama's plan is to "take away our guns." The President's plan would do no such thing. No guns would be confiscated under Obama's plan, and no law-abiding citizen would be denied the ability to purchase a gun.