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It was the summer of Sanders … and maybe the winter of Sanders, too?

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders is gaining on Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination, according to CNN’s Political Prediction Market.

Sanders, who is in a dead heat with Clinton in recent polls of the early caucus state of Iowa and has been ahead of her in the early primary state of New Hampshire, has seen his odds of winning the nomination grow to 19%, which is 10 percentage points higher than his odds a week ago.

Clinton is still the clear favorite among players on the Political Prediction Market, but her odds of winning the nomination slipped from 91% last week to 79% on Tuesday.

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The Political Prediction Market, administered by a company called Pivit, is a game that allows Internet users to predict outcomes of the 2016 election. It also factors polls and other elements that predict which way an election will go.

It is not the same as polls that survey voters.

While Clinton has the highest odds of winning the nomination, Sanders has the best odds in New Hampshire, where players pin his chances at 84%. Clinton’s odds of winning New Hampshire are only 16%.

In the Iowa market, Sanders has 59% odds compared to Clinton’s 42%.

A Monmouth University poll released Tuesday shows that Sanders has widened his lead over Clinton in the New Hampshire Democratic primary by 14 points. He leads Clinton 53% to 39% in the early voting state. Also, a Quinnipiac University Iowa poll released Tuesday shows Sanders is also ahead of Clinton with 49% compared to her 44% in the Hawkeye state.

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