CNN Student News - January 8, 2016

CNN Student News - 1/8/16


    CNN Student News - 1/8/16


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January 8, 2016

China and oil both factor into why the Dow Jones Industrial Average plummeted yesterday. We have a report from across the Pacific on what happened concerning Chinese stocks. The issue of U.S. land ownership is also explored in depth, following news of a standoff in the state of Oregon. And the effects of El Niño are likely to alter winter weather across the nation; we'll explain how.
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1. A leap year occurs every four years and has 366 days. What unique date does a leap year have that other years lack?
2. Following a line of severe storms and flooding that struck in December, what river has yet to reach its highest point in places like Greenville, Mississippi and Baton Rouge, Louisiana?
3. How many Democrats are currently seeking their party's nomination for president?
4. How many Republicans are currently seeking their party's nomination for president?
5. Name the two Middle Eastern countries directly involved in severed diplomatic ties following the execution of a Shia Muslim religious leader and the storming of an embassy.
6. Name the mosquito-transmitted virus that can cause a severe birth defect and that was recently detected in Puerto Rico.
7. President Obama announced a controversial executive action on Tuesday concerning background checks for certain purchases of what items?
8. In what country is the strategically important city of Ramadi, where government troops have been wrestling control away from ISIS terrorists?
9. What kind of weapon did North Korea claim to have tested, triggering both doubt and warnings from the international community?
10. A drop in what nation's stock markets combined with the devaluation of its yuan currency sent ripple effects in markets worldwide?
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