Christie turns to Adele to hit Rubio in ad

Washington (CNN)New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie hit back at GOP presidential rival Florida Sen. Marco Rubio in a video he posted on Twitter that's set to the soundtrack of Adele's "Hello."

The video is a tongue-in-cheek attempt to point out to voters that Christie and Rubio used to have a positive relationship. It includes a 2013 quote from Rubio praising Christie while the song plays in the background.
"Conservative leadership is hard to find these days, but the voters in New Jersey have seen it firsthand," the quote from Rubio reads. "The people of New Jersey were desperate for real leadership and a new direction ... And that's what they got in Governor Chris Christie."
    Rubio did indeed say this about Christie in May 2013, according to Politico.
    In the tweet, Christie writes, "Oh @marcorubio, the way things used to be #tbt"
    A pro-Rubio super PAC hit Christie with political ads this week, blasting Christie over his record in New Jersey and tying him to President Barack Obama.
    Rubio continued that line of attack on Thursday when asked about the budding feud.
    "Chris Christie has done a number of things that are very similar to the Obama agenda," Rubio told Neil Cavuto on Fox Business Network. "And I just don't think this country can afford to elect a president that will not stand up and undo the damage Barack Obama has done to this country."
    He also brushed off a Christie dig at his poor Senate voting attendance record -- throwing it back in Christie's face.
    "Chris Christie is missing out of New Jersey most of the time, that's why his numbers there are so terrible," Rubio said. "The reason is simple -- he's running for president, and so am I. And I'm running for president so the votes we take in the Senate matter again."
    CNN's David Wright contributed to this report.