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What does 125-year-old beer taste like?

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A scuba diver found a 125-year-old bottle of beer in Halifax Harbor

Researchers opened the bottle and tasted the beer

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A scuba diver, a researcher and a beer enthusiast walked into a lab and uncorked the mystery of an antique bottle of beer.

Jon Crouse, an amateur scuba diver and treasure hunter from Nova Scotia, found the bottle of beer at the bottom of Halifax Harbor in November. He kept the bottle, wondering what was inside it and if it was drinkable. The bottle seemed to be well-sealed, and it had a cork inscribed with “A. Keith & Son Brewery.”

On Wednesday, the mysterious, murky liquid was identified.

Crouse enlisted the help of Christopher Reynolds, co-owner of Stillwell Beer Bar in Halifax, and Andrew MacIntosh of Dalhousie University, who specializes in fermentation research. The team tested the bottle to make sure there was beer inside, and not seawater, before daring to take a swig.

“It tasted surprisingly good, and surprisingly like beer,” Reynolds told CNN affiliate CTV.

MacIntosh felt differently. He said he tried the beer “for the sake of science.”

“You wouldn’t want to drink any of it,” he said.

Researchers will continue to analyze the beer to determine what chemicals were used to make it.

“This will give us insight into how it was brewed in the 1800s,” said MacIntosh.

CNN’s Jennifer Moore contributed to this report.