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Construction workers unearth centuries-old ship
01:34 - Source: WJLA

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The remains of the ship were found at a hotel construction site in Alexandria, Virginia

The ship dates back to the 18th century and may have been a commerce vessel or warship

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Imagine a regular workday ending with uncovering a piece of history.

A crew in Alexandria, Virginia, has been digging at a hotel construction site, and it has unearthed the remains of a centuries-old ship, CNN affiliate WJLA reported Tuesday.

The ship, which was more than 50 feet long, dates back to the 18th century. According to archeologists from Thunderbird Archeology, it was probably a trading vessel or warship.

The remains of the ship lie at a hotel construction site in Alexandria, Virginia.

Francine Bromberg, the city’s archeologist, told WJLA that the ship may have been dismantled in the 18th century and used to artificially extend Alexandria’s waterfront.

“The founders of the city had incredible aspirations to become an international port,” she said.

The city's archaeologist says that only a third of the hull of the vessel may have been found.

According to The Washington Post, workers have uncovered a wide range of items on the site – from ceramics to glass, bones and shoes.

Once they remove the wood from the site, they plan to preserve it. “It is a treasure to us,” Bromberg told WJLA.