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Samuel L. Jackson: Donald Trump cheats at golf
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Donald Trump strikes again on Twitter -- and this time, at actor Samuel L. Jackson

Trump is referencing an interview that Jackson had with United Airlines' Rhapsody magazine, where he said that Trump isn't trustworthy on the course

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Samuel L. Jackson and Donald Trump’s public feud over golfing has teed off on the next course.

The Republican presidential candidate started the fight on Tuesday, writing to Jackson, “I don’t know @SamuelLJackson, to best of my knowledge haven’t played golf w/him & think he does too many TV commercials—boring. Not a fan.”

Trump was referencing an interview that Jackson had with United Airlines’ Rhapsody magazine, where he said that Trump isn’t trustworthy on the course.

He said that he golfs with Trump from time to time and that when asked who’s a better golfer, Jackson responded, “Oh, I am for sure. I don’t cheat.”

Jackson, who was nominated for an Academy Award in 1994 for his performance in “Pulp Fiction,” responded to Trump during an appearance on “Late Night with Seth Meyers” on Tuesday.

“I have another person that can verify he knows me,” Jackson said, adding that Trump called him once to play golf with someone, without telling him who it was.

When Jackson showed up to the course, it was former President Bill Clinton.

“Don did show up, and he took Bill in and bought him a jacket, and gave me nothing,” he said while the audience laughed.

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In response to Jackson’s comments on Tuesday, Trump tweeted again at the actor on Wednesday, writing, “I don’t cheat at golf but @SamuelLJackson cheats—with his game he has no choice—and stop doing commercials!”

He followed up with a second tweet that said, “Don’t like @SamuelLJackson’s golf swing. Not athletic. I’ve won many club championships. Play him for charity!”

Jackson has also said in the past that Trump billed him in the past at one of his clubs without his knowledge.

“But it’s funny – last week or so, I actually got a bill from Trump National Golf Club,” he told Rhapsody. “And I haven’t been there in four or five years, so I had my assistant call. They said it was for membership dues. And I said, ‘I’m not a member,’ and they said, ‘Yeah, you are – you have a member number.’ Apparently he’d made me a member of one of his golf clubs, and I didn’t even know it!”

The Washington Post once looked at Trump’s golf history to decide whether he is a cheater like many of his competitors on the course accused him of being.

Trump often uses his Twitter account to slam 2016 White House rivals, but also to share his opinions, whether positive or negative, about celebrities or other well known people.

In the past, he’s fired Twitter insults at other celebrities such as Rosie O’Donnell, Cher, and Russel Brand.