2016 candidates kick off the New Year on Twitter

Watch Times Square New Year's Eve ball drop
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    Watch Times Square New Year's Eve ball drop


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Story highlights

  • Rand Paul's "resolutions" target his GOP primary rivals
  • Donald Trump says hello from his opulent Florida mansion
  • Hillary Clinton tweets image of her and Bill from 2009

(CNN)The 2016 presidential candidates and those involved in the race -- including Donald Trump, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush, the Republican and Democratic national committees, Bernie Sanders, and Ted Cruz, among others -- are welcoming the New Year on Friday with a flurry of tweets, videos, and messages.

If the hours leading up to midnight -- and with it, another fundraising deadline -- were all about securing a few last-gasp donations, the first morning of the election year has been full of everything from resolutions to wishes for 2016 to an early round of jabs at rival candidates.
Much like he does during "Festivus," Rand Paul is making the most of the holiday, sharing his plans for the new year in a tweetstorm.
    "Happy New Year everyone!" the Kentucky senator wrote Friday morning. "I'll be tweeting my #newyearsresolutions today. Stay tuned!
    First up, a promise to "preserve our liberties and restore prosperity across America."
    "I resolve to fight tooth & nail for your gun rights & fight @POTUS's Exec Gun Control orders," was his second. (Get it?)
    From there, Paul lightened up a bit, resolving "to not let the mean things people say about my hair bother me."
    Paul then turned his focus to Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, fellow senators and GOP presidential hopefuls.
    "I resolve to spend less time voting in the Senate so @Marcorubio & @tedcruz don't look bad bc they don't show up for work. JK. Do your jobs," he tweeted.
    "I resolve to speak in vague but bombastic generalities more," Paul wrote, jabbing at Donald Trump.
    In his most pointed attack, Paul accused Cruz of stealing his political positions.
    "I resolve to give @TedCruz more lead time before I announce my policy positions," he tweeted, "so he can replicate them faster #NewYearsResolution."
    "Wishing you and your family all the best in 2016," Ted Cruz tweeted a little before the ball dropped in Times Square. He also included a link to a longer message on his campaign website.
    Ben Carson's message landed right at the stroke of midnight. He and wife Candy asked Americans to "join us in putting we the people back in control of our government."
    Hillary Clinton was just a minute behind, sharing this image of her and ex-President Bill Clinton ringing in 2009 in New York City, and wishing followers a "Happy New Year!"
    One Clinton fan of note, the actress Jamie Lee Curtis, started off 2016 with a promise to visit the Hawkeye State ahead of its Feb. 1 caucus.
    "New Year. New President! I'm coming to Iowa to join in the chorus!," Curtis wrote.
    "It's going to be a big year!" Mike Huckabee promised his supporters.
    While Bernie Sanders kept it simple: "Happy New Year!" he tweeted a few minutes later.
    And then there was the Donald. He was in Florida for the big night and wished everyone a "Happy New Year from #MarALago!," the Palm Beach mansion he bought 30 years ago and turned into an exclusive club. "Thank you to my great family for all of their support."
    The sun was already up when Chris Christie sent his best, "Wishing everyone a happy & healthy New Year!"
    Jeb Bush chimed in a little after noon, sharing a video on "what's in store for 2016 — a critical year for our country."
    The Republican and Democratic national parties also got into the act, with GOP chairman Reince Priebus declaring, "It's the White House or bust! #StopHillary," a little after midnight.
    His Republican National Committee added a little color, with its call "to turn the page on the last 7 years."
    Like Rand Paul, Democratic National Committee chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz had a resolution of her own: "Put my heart and soul into making sure that we elect another Democratic president."
    Meanwhile the DNC offered a tweet-toast "to Democratic victories in 2016."