Trump hopes for New Year's Eve in the White House

Story highlights

  • Donald Trump closed out 2015 with Fox News saying he hopes their call to him next year comes when he's in the White House
  • Some communications problems plagued the interview, but Trump got in a few shots on Hillary Clinton

Washington (CNN)Donald Trump said late Thursday night he hopes the next New Year's he takes a call from the media that he does so from within the White House.

"I hope you're going to be calling me in the White House and you will always get through," Trump said on Fox News on Thursday night, surrounded by his family at his Florida estate.
If he won the White House, he wouldn't be inaugurated until mid January 2017, but he got his point across: His New Year's resolution is winning the White House and, in his words, "Making America great again."
    Some communications and technical problems troubled Trump and the Fox hosts as they asked about his thoughts on Hillary Clinton, but he still got in a few shots.
    "I think I'll be her worst nightmare, but we'll find out," he said.