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Millennials describe the 2016 election in one word

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South Carolina is a key early primary state.

So College of Charleston students have been hearing campaign ads for months

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Embarrassing. Divided. Long. These are among the words millennials used to describe the 2016 presidential election.

CNN asked College of Charleston students who stopped by CNN and Facebook’s #campaigncamper to describe how the election made them feel in one word. The #campaigncamper has been touring the country collecting questions ahead of the CNN presidential debates.

Some needed time to think of one word, others not so much.

Morgan Jackson, a Democrat, quickly decided upon “worried.”

“I’m still new to learning about politics. There’s definitely a lot for me to learn,” Jackson said. “What worries me is that it’s just going to be another election of bashing Republicans versus Democrats, as opposed to actually stopping to hear, ‘What do you have to say?’”

Other students, like Republican Clay Koch, urged those concerned about the direction that the election is going in to remain “confident.”

“I’d say be a little more hopeful. I think there are a lot of candidates with a lot to offer. I think that we all just need to be educated voters and vote for the right people,” Koch said.

South Carolina is a key early primary state, so College of Charleston students have been hearing campaign ads for months now. For many, their minds are still not made up.

“I feel as though this election could go one way or the other way and it’s really up in the air right now,” said Mary Margaret Artman who identifies as a Republican. “I feel as though it could go in a really great direction or it could go in an even worse direction than it’s already been in.”

One thing students can agree on? The importance of candidates winning their generation’s vote.

“I feel like the candidate who wins the support of millennials is the one who will succeed,” said Scott Harvin, a Democrat.

How does the election make you feel in one word? Share your answers with CNN on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #2016InOneWord.