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Jeb Bush: "Trump is a jerk"

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Donald Trump and Jeb Bush's campaign sparred overnight on Twitter

Trump has been the Republican primary front-runner while Jeb has polled toward the back of the pack

Washington CNN —  

Donald Trump picked another fight with his Republican primary rival Monday night, retweeting a photo-shopped image showing Jeb Bush with his finger in his nose.

Trump retweeted the photo from user @umakemeill.

A few minutes later, Bush spokeswoman Kristy Campbell tweeted back, “Out on Twitter there arose such a clatter, late night twitter-drunk Donald is back at it!”

Trump responded with a retweet and comment: “’@LandmanMarius: @realDonaldTrump @russgrand @JebBush Word on street is that @JebBush mother is voting @realDonaldTrump’ So cute!”

Trump, the Republican primary front-runner, has repeatedly teased the former Florida governor for polling at the back of the pack, as well as taking digs at his energy level and his family’s political history.

Bush has been increasingly vocal about striking back, calling Trump a “chaos candidate” at the most recent Republican debate and saying from the campaign trail Monday that the billionaire businessman gets most of his foreign policy advice “in his pajamas” while watching the morning TV shows.

Trump dominates GOP field heading into 2016

CLARIFICATION: This story has been updated to include that the retweeted image of Bush has been altered to make it look like Bush’s finger was in his nose.