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Sometimes the best way to experience politics is on mute.

Here is a truly zany year of politics captured in GIFs, the Internet’s beloved looping, silent moving images.

Put on your dancing shoes

It is widely known that the political class loves to boogie, and they proved it in 2015.

As a former Florida governor, you know Republican presidential candidate Jeb(!) Bush has moves. Caliente!

Democratic candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders got funky on “Ellen.”

Hillary Clinton. Watch her whip. Watch her nae nae. “Ellen” was clearly the place to be in 2015.

First Lady Michelle Obama put the “move” in her Let’s Move initiative.

Not to be shown up by his wife, President Obama got in on the hot new dance craze sweeping Alaska.

Some of his moves were not so smooth. This is the perfect GIF to capture #Mondays.

The great debaters

When they weren’t yelling over each other, presidential candidates were communicating through body language.

There was that time Republican candidate Donald Trump raised his hand to say he wouldn’t rule out a third party run. It got the first debate of the year off to an awkward start.

It was also during a debate that the world got to see Trump flex all of his facial muscles.

Not to be outshined by his competition, then-Republican candidate and South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham showed off his debate face at CNN’s undercard debate in Las Vegas.

Jeb Bush made a funny about finding a Democrat who wants to cut spending.

Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina delivered the perfect GIF to send to someone when they tell you to smile more.

You say goodbye…

This year we said goodbye to one of the most beautiful, awkward, strictly professional relationships in Washington. We speak of course of the relationship between former Speaker of the House John Boehner and Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

Speaker Boehner stepped down in October but not without shedding one final signature tear.

And an April power outage hit the State Department. Nothing says “goodbye” like killing the lights, although it should be noted that the State Department briefing continued by cell phone flashlight. This is the perfect GIF to send to your roommates to remind them the utility bill is due.

…I say hello

Say hello to 2016 the way these politicians greeted each other.

Leader Pelosi tried to congratulate new House Speaker Paul Ryan. They don’t have the same chemistry that she and Boehner had.

The bipartisan fist bump between Democratic Senator Harry Reid and Republican Senator Rand Paul who were both rocking sweet shades.

The way Vice President Joe Biden says hello to everyone, especially this child during the ceremonial Senate swearing-in.

Try to love anything in 2016 as much as this woman loves Donald Trump.

And the hands-down, flat-out GIF of the year

God bless America. And humor. And Time Magazine, which released this footage.