What it's like to 'vacation' with Obama in Hawaii

What it's like to 'vacation' with Obama in Hawaii
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    What it's like to 'vacation' with Obama in Hawaii


What it's like to 'vacation' with Obama in Hawaii 01:30

(CNN)If it's December, it's vacation time for President Barack Obama.

And wherever he goes, so too go the reporters, producers and photographers assigned to covering the leader of the free world.
Obama's stay in the tony Kailua neighborhood of Oahu doesn't typically generate much news, just as his summer stay on Martha's Vineyard isn't usually a news-making event. But the free press has a responsibility to cover Obama's activities, wherever he may be -- and so we find ourselves again in sunny Hawaii. On Tuesday he sank a monster putt from the edge of the green at the Mid Pacific Country Club in Kailua. The traveling pool of reporters was there to capture the putt and his post-putt celebration.
It's not entirely a beach getaway: producing television on East Coast time requires waking up at midnight on some days. And if anything happens in the world, Obama is expected to respond, meaning journalists covering him here must be ready for anything.
    But waking up in the middle of the night is admittedly more pleasant on Waikiki Beach.