Rubio rips terror fight: Clinton, Obama in 'different universes'

Story highlights

  • He called her comments an example of the "dangerous" Obama foreign policy
  • The GOP candidate also tied the Democratic front-runner to the President

Washington (CNN)Florida Sen. Marco Rubio said Monday that Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama were "completely out of touch with reality" when it comes to the terrorist threat, slamming recent statements by the Democrats about fighting ISIS.

The Republican presidential hopeful was in part responding to Clinton's comments during the Democratic presidential debate on Saturday, where she implied that the current U.S. strategy on the terrorist group is in a good place.
"We now finally are where we need to be. We have a strategy and a commitment to go after ISIS," Clinton had said.
    Rubio said Monday on "Fox and Friends" that Clinton is wrong.
    "It's one more example of government, Washington, in particular the Democratic Party, is completely out of touch with reality and out of touch with the American people," the Republican said.
    He called it an example of the "dangerous" foreign policy of the Obama administration and asked how the current plan to fight ISIS is any different than the one in place right before Paris was hit by terror attacks.
    The GOP candidate also tied the Democratic front-runner to the President, criticizing a recent interview in which Obama admitted failing to understand how scared the American people are of ISIS.
    "it's another example of how this president misunderstands, just doesn't understand the threat that we're facing," Rubio said.
    And he noted that Clinton served in the Obama administration, specifically responsible for foreign policy.
    "She's in a tough spot, obviously, because she was the secretary of state for four out of seven disastrous foreign policy years, and the truth is that the threat of ISIS began to emerge in Syria while she was still the secretary of state and of course fully blossomed right after she left," Rubio said. "They're all responsible for that's happened here."
    He added of Obama and Clinton: "They live in two different universes."