'Bad Blood'? Try 'Dope Squad' in Fey, Poehler's parody

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  • Tina Fey, Amy Poehler host "Saturday Night Live"
  • They put on tough-looking action outfits to parody Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood"

(CNN)Don't mock Tina Fey and Amy Poehler's "squad."

We're not talking models and starlets. We're talking a group of women who can kick butt and take names -- kinda like the group Taylor Swift assembled in her "Bad Blood" video.
In fact, on Saturday's "Saturday Night Live," it was almost EXACTLY like Swift's video -- a ripe subject for parody.
    Swift's video trotted out a group of superhero vixens -- including some played by actual Swift squad members such as Cara Delevingne and Karlie Kloss -- in a storyline that aped pulpy action movies with scantily clad casts.
    Fey and Poehler's version -- called "Tina and Amy's Dope Squad" -- included some of their own boldface names, including Amy Schumer and Gayle King, and took aim at the more mundane side of a woman's life.
    The video featured shoutouts to the "woman at the diner who always knows my order," the "dude who returned my wallet intact," and (so the credit read) Fey and Poehler's real-life gynecologist.
    Not everything went well. After an explosion shocks the Dope Squad, Schumer isn't assuaged by the question, "Is everyone OK?"
    "I'm suing everyone here," she replies.
    And don't get her started on the slow-motion apocalyptic walk.
    Fey and Poehler were back on "SNL," where they first gained fame, to host and to promote their new movie "Sisters."