See Natalie Portman as Jackie Kennedy

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  • Starring as Kennedy in the newest film feature to commemorate the iconic first lady -- "Jackie" -- will be Natalie Portman
  • It's set for release on December 2, 2016

Washington (CNN)Former first lady Jackie Kennedy Onassis has long been immortalized in books and museums and as a fashion icon. Her classic elegance served as inspiration for fashion designers, first lady successors and women across the globe.

The late widow of President John F. Kennedy will be portrayed by actress Natalie Portman in the feature film "Jackie."
The movie is set to be released on December 2 and now viewers can get a first look at the trailer, which opens with a somber Jackie, cloaked in black, gazing solemnly out the car window as crowds mourn her husband following his 1963 assassination.
    Last year a photo published by Deadline is already turning heads and building up anticipation for the movie.
    In the photo, the Academy Award-winning actress is wearing a red suit, a classic multi-string pearl necklace and Kennedy's trademark bouffant hairstyle.
    Kennedy wore a similar look in an iconic photo take at the White House in late 1961.
    First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy poses for a photograph with James Hoban Alexander at the White House December 5, 1961 in Washington, DC.
    The film -- directed by Pablo Larrain, Peter Sarsgaard, who will star as Robert Kennedy, and Greta Gerwig — follows Jackie's life in the days after her husband assassination.
    The former first lady died in her sleep on May 19, 1994, following a battle with cancer.