'Star Wars' fans express themselves through art

Story highlights

  • "Star Wars" fan art has been around for decades
  • Fans have a new way to express themselves and find an audience with social media

(CNN)Some "Star Wars" fans have seen the movies hundreds of times. Others collect toys and other merchandise, and some collect the books.

But there also are those fans who feel the need to express themselves about their love of "Star Wars."
As long as there have been "Star Wars" fans, there has been "Star Wars" fan art.
    For decades, they were mostly seen at fan conventions and the like.
    Now with social media such as Deviantart and Instagram, artists of all stripes can find an audience for their work.
    Of course, fan art isn't relegated only to "Star Wars," with the emergence of other popular franchises like "Game of Thrones," but the hype and anticipation around "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" has given artists new characters to give their take on, from Rey to Finn to BB-8 and the mysterious villain Kylo Ren.
    CNN asked fans to submit their art using the hashtag #CNNStarWars. Click the gallery above to see what was submitted.