New 'Star Wars' worlds imagined through fan art

By Henry Hanks, CNN

Published 9:14 AM ET, Thu December 17, 2015
rey sri roslirey sri rosli
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"Star Wars" fans express their fandom sometimes through art, portraying the characters in new and different ways. Sri Rosli drew this sketch of Rey, one of the lead characters from the new movie "Star Wars: The Force Awakens." courtesy srir rosli
Here is a look at the different sides of Anakin Skywalker (Darth Vader, his alter ego). courtesy Christina Choi
This fun illustration of Yoda lifting an X-Wing toy recalls a scene in "The Empire Strikes Back." courtesy kevin necessary
Fan art isn't always confined to paper or online, as we can see here. This entire car is "Star Wars"-influenced. courtesy natasha cox
This design even extends to the top of "Star Wars" fan Natasha Cox' car. courtesy natasha cox
A South Korean artist created this beautiful rendition of Rey. courtesy duksam
Of this cartoon, reminiscent of a scene in "The Empire Strikes Back," cartoonist Jay Fosgitt said, "I had this image of a middle-aged guy re-enacting Luke captured by the Wampa, lamenting his lost youth." courtesy jay fosgitt
Jim Brenneman, a longtime cartoonist contributor to CNN iReport, imagined the original heroes of "Star Wars." courtesy jim brenneman
Good question: Why doesn't Rey get to wield a lightsaber in the trailers? (We'll have to see if she does in the film.) courtesy nick takayama
An artist painted the two suns of Tatooine as seen by Luke in the original "Star Wars." courtesy jessica
And of course, "Star Wars" fan art often starts at a young age.