CNN Heroes: Help them help others

Published 6:06 PM ET, Wed December 16, 2015
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Sean Gobin and his nonprofit support U.S. combat veterans as they "walk off the war" on the Appalachian Trail and other long-distance hikes throughout the country.
Kim Carter and her nonprofit in San Bernardino, CA, have helped more than 800 homeless women and their children reclaim their lives.
Dr. Daniel Ivankovich is an orthopedic surgeon who treats patients in Chicago's troubled neighborhoods, regardless of their ability to pay.
Jody Farley-Berens' nonprofit provides assistance to single moms in the Phoenix, Arizona, area who are battling cancer.
Rev. Richard Joyner is leading his rural North Carolina community to better health by helping young people grow and distribute nearly 50,000 pounds of fresh food a year.
For 23 years, Dr. Jim Withers has been bringing medical care to the homeless in Pittsburgh, PA -- under bridges, in alleys and along riverbanks.
Monique Pool and her group have rescued, rehabilitated and released more than 600 sloths and other animals back to the rainforest in Suriname.
Rochelle Ripley and her nonprofit have delivered an estimated $9 million in services and goods to the Lakota people in South Dakota.
Bhagwati Agrawal and his nonprofit created a rainwater harvesting system that now provides clean, safe drinking water to six villages -- 10,000 people -- all year long.
CNN Hero of the Year Maggie Doyne and her nonprofit provide a home in Nepal for about 50 children and a school that educates hundreds more.